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Our Story

Launched in 2019 under our parent company, Smooth-500, Vape Smooth has rapidly become a leading name in the UAE vaping industry. With a commitment to excellence, we have carved a niche in the Dubai vape market and beyond.

What We Do

At Vape Smooth, a proud extension of Smooth-500, we specialize in disposable vape products. Our focus is on providing high-quality vaping gear and comprehensive vaping experiences. ensuring they stay ahead in the evolving vaping world.

Quality and Affordability Combined

Aligned with the ethos of Smooth-500, Vape Smooth offers top-quality vaping products at accessible prices. Our selection is designed to cater to the diverse preferences and budgets of the UAE vaping community.

Convenience and Accessibility

Echoing the mission of Smooth-500, we emphasize convenience in our product offerings. Our disposable vape products are designed for on-the-go vapers, combining quality with practicality.

Swift and Efficient Delivery

In line with the standards set by Smooth-500, Vape Smooth is committed to ensuring fast and reliable delivery. In Dubai, we pride ourselves on our same-day delivery service, ensuring our customers receive their products promptly.

Join Our Community

As a vital part of the Smooth-500 family, Vape Smooth invites you to explore the exciting world of vaping. Visit us at our official website,, and discover more about our parent company at

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